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Weekend Heller: Two Big Holiday Gifts

Submit your application by Jan. 15, 2018, to be a part of the SVA MFA Design: Designer as Author and Entrepreneurcommunity and earn your masters degree at SVA. To learn more about our program, our students and faculty, visit our website. Get the facts about applying on our FAQ page. For MFA Design studio tours, contact Veronika Golova to schedule an appointment.

After you apply, invest further in your design career. Study type, typography and graphic design in Italy next summer at DESIGN ROME: The SVA Masters Typography Workshop. Immerse yourself in a wide range of type and typography, book and lettering design, as well as architecture, art, archeology and epigraphy—and don’t forget about the Italian cuisine. This exhaustive hands-on workshop allows you to research and analyze the roots of typography and develop your own distinctive design work. You will print on a vintage letterpress and draw type and letters from the classic models while practicing contemporary design. Taught by leading designers and typographers, this acclaimed workshop enables you to focus on multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial aspects of design like you never have before.

Poster by Louise Fili

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