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Weekend Heller: Seeing Red

The gents at !Productive Arts! have another amazing collection of Soviet-era magazines. Krasnaia Panorama (Red Panorama) was a literary arts magazine published in Petrograd/Leningrad from April 1923 through February 1930 by the daily newspaper Krasnaia Gazeta (Red Gazette). At different periods it was an organ of the central, provincial and city committees of the All-Union Communist Party and the Petrograd/Leningrad Soviet.

In March 1939 Krasnaia Gazeta merged with the newspaper Leningradskaya Pravda. In 1931–36, Rote Zeitung (Red Gazette), the organ of the Leningrad Regional Soviet, later the Leningrad Regional Trade Union Soviet, emerged. Its purpose was to review and report on contemporary life with both articles and illustrations.

Krasnaia Panorama ran parallel to the Moscow publication Krasnaia Niva, but Krasnaia Panorama had a more elegant graphic style. See one in the MoMA collection here.

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