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Weekend Heller: Print Goes Unprint

As many already know, Print is ceasing its printed magazine and retaining an online presence. Once there were many graphic design and printing arts journals in the U.S.; the number has diminished. Changes in technology have taken their toll while also breathing life into the field. I am not shortsighted enough to be either surprised or shocked by the “new.” In fact, I’m more shocked that the new is taking longer than expected. But the old is something to savor and nourish even today. Below is what one reader calls my “eulogy” for both PRINT magazine and the decades it contributed so much to so many.

There are so many people that made my experience with PRINT magazine so significant, but I especially want to reiterate how important long-time editor-in-chief Martin Fox was in establishing a vision, captaining the ship and allowing his contributors, editors, designers and many more both the freedom to express and the guidance to express themselves well. I know I learned a lot. I’m sure I speak for scores of others.

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