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The Three Stooges On Client Relationships

The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curly, Curly Joe and Shemp) were not the brightest lights in the design thinking chandelier (they couldn’t even count), but today they can offer us lessons when it comes to developing useful client relationships and resolving designer-client conflicts. Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Don’t let clients or their flunkies lead you around by the nose. Show them you have the upper hand.

Make certain before starting a job that the client hears exactly what you have to say—in other words, your opinion about the job. Avoid any misunderstandings.

When meeting a client, especially for the first time, wear the proper attire and act appropriately.

Ensure that before starting any work, you get at least 50% on signing a contract. Don’t do a stitch of work on spec or before receiving your due.

Rehearse before your presentation and pitch meeting. Do it in person. Virtual meetings are less time consuming but not as effective.

Thanks, boys!

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