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Revisiting a Punk Icon

It has been a rocky road for civil liberty this year. So, are you ready for some good old-fashioned Punk anti-fascist good-tidings? Or at least a reissue of a Punk icon.

“Nazi Punks Fuck Off” by the punk band Dead Kennedys was released in1981, originally with Jello Biafra as lead singer, as a single from the In God We Trust, Inc. EP. The single included a free armband with a crossed-out swastika. The design was later adopted as a symbol for the anti-racist punk movement Anti-Racist Action, a multi-racial anti-supremacist band called the Baldies. The record and the accompanying anti-Nazi icon is now in reprint as are other ephemera from the period. Go here for more info on the band and their current activities.

It may seem to some that the Punk movement and skinheads had right-wing leanings, and some actually did, but the movement had a strong radical, social justice component too. The Dead Kennedys were at the forefront of shock and awe—and now cultural history.

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