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Everyday Italian Design

The great Bruno Munari said the following about the quotidian things of life: “They are objects of everyday use in homes and workplaces and people will buy them because they don’t chase trends, they don’t have the problem of class status symbols, they are well designed objects and it doesn’t matter who designed them. This is real design.”

It is also the thrust of Fattobene (Done Well): Italian Everyday Artifacts by Anna Lagorio and Alex Carnevali, a new book by Corranini Edizioni that explores the artifacts of everyday that are designed but, in a curious way, undesigned.

Munari added: “Even before the term design was used for objects that respond to essential functions, these objects were already being produced and they are still being produced and they are improved each time through the materials and technologies used.” This book is a testament to those things that we treasure for their utility and, yes, even their beauty.

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