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Cochin: A Type Name To Remember

One of the more elegant French typefaces ever designed, Les Cochins, was produced in 1912 by Georges Peignot for the Paris foundry G. Peignot et Fils (future Deberny & Peignot headed by his son Charles) and was based on the copperplate engravings of French 18th-century artist Charles-Nicolas Cochin, from which the typeface also takes its name. The font has a small x-height with long ascenders. Georges Peignot also created the design Nicolas-Cochin as a looser variation in the same style. The Cochins were used for headlines and captions in Rolling Stone during the early years and then in the late 1980s. It retains a timeless elegance—an all too common phrase but with true significance in the type universe. Below is an excerpt from the original G. Peignot et Fils specimen booklet.

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