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Debbie talks to playwright Sarah Jones about identity, community, social justice, and her relationship with her characters. "To live in a culture where self-alienation can be the norm, without our even realizing it -- a culture that says, 'You're not doing enough! You're not perfect enough! What's wrong with you? Keep up with so-and-so, go on Instagram and compare-and-despair with everyone you see.' -- it's so hard to come home to ourselves and have a sense of self-compassion... By cultivating compassion for other people -- by standing in the shoes of another person and imagining for a moment what their experience is, that they're doing the best they can with what they have in every moment, even the people we cast as monsters... -- there's a kind of alchemy that happens where I develop self-compassion through that compassion. And it sort of works in the other direction -- if I have self-compassion, if I'm less critical and exacting about every detail of my life in ways that actually feel punishing ... I can accept the ways the others are eking out an existence. And then I can take it a step further, to actually loving them, respecting them, seeing the bright spots in everyone."

Sarah Jones



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